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With all the mobile phone deals on this website you'll be able to get upto 100% of your line rental for free. You'll find great deals on all the latest phones across the major UK networks. The free line rental will be sent to you as cashback, and offer you a great way to buy a contract phone with 12 or 18 months free rental.
Want to get free line rental?

  • compare mobile deals by model, network, contract duration, free minutes or texts
  • select the offer you prefer with the most rental for free
  • buy phone online at the shop with that deal
  • receive your free line rental as cash back automatic or by redemption

Best Value Free Line Rental Mobile Deals

If you want all your line rental for free then these contract phones are for you. They'll pay 100% (or close it) of your monthly rental back to you. While the mobile handsets on these best value deals are obviously not the newest high spec releases, they're all great mobiles and ... come with 18 or 12 month contracts free:

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How do free rental phone deals work?

Most of the mobile phone deals which include an element of free line rental will give you cash back by redemption over the period of your contract. What this means is that you'll actually still be responsible for paying the monthly line rental, though every few months you'll be able to claim this back. You will then receive a check or money back to your payment card for the value of the advertised free rental period. E.g. if the deal states 18 months free rental on an 18 month contract of 25 per month, you will in total get 18 x 25 = 450 in cash back during different stages of your contract (e.g. after month 4, 7, 10, 14 and 18).

While this is true for most of the best value deals (i.e. most rental for free), some of the mobile offers actually include auto cashback instead of the redemption variety. With this auto or automatic cashback, you'll be able to get your money back without sending in claim forms ... hence the name "automatic". You can select on our site whether to look for just these type of mobile phone deals if the "free rentel by redemption" offers are not for you.

Free Line Rental = Mobile Cash Back!

Because a few of the mobile retailers use the word "cashback" in the advertisements of their deals instead of "free rental" we just want to clarify that both terms are exactly the same. I.e. 300 cash back on a 18 month contract of 25 per month is the same as saying you get 12 months of rental for free (i.e. 300 / 25 = 12 months). As mentioned, both term are just by the phone shops though they both mean the same thing.

Which networks offer free rental?

You can find great free contract rental offers on all the UK's leading networks. Whether it's O2, 3, Orange, T-Mobile or Vodafone you like to join, there's a wide choice of enticing cashback mobile deals available for you. Just select the network icon on the right hand side to display the latest phones and prices.

How to get the most line rental free with your mobile?

There're two types of people looking for these deals and depending on the type there's a different way to find the best deal:

Want to make calls as cheap as possible?

If that's the case you probably would like 100% of your contract value to be paid back to you. That would mean you can make free calls and texts as long as you don't exceed the amount included in your tariff. If this is what you prefer than obviously the mobile handset you'll get with the deal should not be your mean decision factor, but the value of the offer will be. Just look for the best value and cheapest deals and select one you like with a phone of your liking and amount of free texts and minutes you would use. To be honest most of the phones in the best value deals are great quality and often easier to use for making calls than the latest mobile handsets with all the extra functionality which you probably won't use.

Want a specific phone make and model?

If you're looking for a specific mobile handset (from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, BlackBerry, ...) and want to get it with as much line rental as possible for free then the quickest way to do this is to use the search box on the right hand side, select the phone and search. You can even narrow your search results as well. Alternatively you can look at all the mobile phones available free rental and cashback. This means you can see all the picture of the phones together with how much money you can get back over the duration of your contract.

We hope that using our website you'll find the mobile deal and phone that most suits you and gives you the most rental fre and as such ... the best value.
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