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Receive cashback when you buy any of a new contract mobile phone. Compare the cash back deals on all the latest phones at the UK's major networks (Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Three/3). You can save over 1,000 in cash on your total mobile phone bill with these auto or redemption money back offers.

Best Value Cash Back Phones and Deals

These mobile phones will give you the most amount of cash back as part of the total value of your contract. You'll often be able to get the full value back, giving you 100% free line rental on 18 or 24 month contracts. These are great cashback deals if you don't need the latest handset, but want a very cheap mobile contract:

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Want to get cash back with you phone?
  • compare cashback deals by model, mobile network, contract duration, free minutes or free texts
  • select the deal you prefer
  • buy online at the store with that offer
  • receive your cash back automatic or by redemption

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How do cashback mobile deals work?

The key is to understand the difference between the two types of cash back offered:
  • Cash back by redemption: Most mobile contract deals which include free line rental or money back are by redemption. This means that you'll have to follow the claims procedure set out by mobile phone shop where you buy the offer. The cash-back procedure normally involves posting back claim forms at regular intervals during your contract period. Hence you'll receive the specified amount of money back at different stages during the course of your phone contract (for example after month 4, 7, 10 and 12).
  • Automatic or Auto Cash back: sometimes also referred to as 'instant cashback'. With these deals the cash will be, as the name suggests, automatically be paid back to you, either by cheque or by applying credit to your account. You'll either get this amount at the same time you receive your mobile phone, or within 21 days after. This is because some stores like to ensure you don't cash the cheque and then return the phone within their returns period. With these deals you don't need to complete any claim forms, though while they're hassle free, the best value mobile phones deals will be on redemption. You can view only auto cash back offers here.

Get the best value cash back deal for you!

There're two main decissions you have to consider when buying cashback deals:

Driven by value or by phone model?

Are you looking for a specific mobile phone by Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry or others and you would like this phone as cheap as possible on contract. Or, are you less bothered about the actual phones but just want great value and the cheapest mobile contract possible? In the first case you can just select the phone from the search box and look for the best cash back offers, and look through all the phones available with cashback. In the second case, just select one of the phones on the first list or look for the cheapest cash back deals.

Redemption or automatic cash back?

As explained above there's a difference between auto and redemtion cashback and you'll have to decide what's most convenient for you. If you're not the best organised person, then just look for automatic deals, though if you're looking to get the most money back and best value phone deal, then make sure you look for ALL offers.

Obviously the UK mobile network preference (Vodafone, O2, 3, Orange or T-Mobile), amount of free minutes, free texts and contract duration may be a key factor for you too and there's no problem for you to select these too when looking for the best cash back or free line rental deal. With the massive amount of offers and phones available through our website we're sure you be able to find the best and cheapest deal to suit your needs.

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